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The company began its activity at the end of the seventies. The aim was to provide for the absence of modern conception machines for the production of components and accessories in the footwear and leathergoods industries.

From the combination of the pluridecennial experiences of the founding members in the fields of mechanics and electronics, as well as in the leathergoods industry itself, began the design and production of machines for high outputs, marked by easiness of use, high versatility, high degree of reliability and a maintenance reduced to the minimum.


The rapid success obtained among our first customers and the immediate projection on the world market required a first transfer of the company from the small primary factory in Vigevano to the more large factory in Gambolò. In 1997 the need of a further rationalisation of the productive department and the will to move in a more functional and easy-to-reach plant led to the realisation of the present plant in Vigevano.

After more than 35 years of presence on the world market we are pleased to find how our first aim, customer's satisfaction, has been reached: even if on the one hand we "dislike" to have sometimes to overhaul machines sold more than 30 years ago, on the other hand this fact is a confirmation of how our customers considers still efficient and essential our machines.